emilygmaynard Me and the @towneandreese girls heading to Madonna! 3y
  •   rachweiss_ U luk so cuteeeee 3y
  •   glitterbee83 Good Lord. When are people going to let all this Jef nonsense go?? You don't know them personally and they announced their break up some time ago. Let the girl move on! 3y
  •   aes1739 lets just not make her Instagram a public dispute of opinions.. c'mon now! 3y
  •   mandimichellealex You're really unstable @kaylincollins 3y
  •   ashleyoliver_22 You're perf 3y
  •   gloryg boooboo 3y
  •   mattvautour Emily !! What up girl? 3y
  •   blues44 Reminds me when I was a freshman in High School in the early 80's. 3y

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