fosterhunting Back to the U,S and A 3y
  •   tamsyn4773 That's a beautiful view you have got there where is it ####### 3y
  •   andrewwhitex Thank you I have waited for the person that tried to call ME dumb mis-spell moron.. So basically your the moron... Or should i say.. Borot @shannon_mahoney 3y
  •   thistle.and.honey @andrew_white7899 what the fuck are you talking about...? I didn't call you a moron or misspell borat? 3y
  •   andrewwhitex I don't appreciate the fact that you are cursing at a kid and you are like what 30? Get a hobby 3y
  •   thelastspot COHO Ferry from Victoria to Port Angles? 3y
  •   welcool I just like the sea 3y
  •   helenavanmiddelburg Your photos are so pretty 3y
  •   j_mcclaren This is really good 3y

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