•   shieldskaylee @shieldscheyenne -_- it's a police car lmaooo 8mon
  •   saaavvy Hi 8mon
  •   alexa.forte hey I just commented but if you notice me can you like dm me or just acknowledge me because tht would make my world I wanted to see you in concert but I couldn't get ticket because it was too late of ou see this I just want you to reply or something to acknowledge me please but it's ok if not because I totally understand how many fans you have... 7mon
  •   asilvy58 I just wanted to know if it ever gets old constantly being in the publics eye or if you enjoy it? Btw I have mad respect for you man! @justinbieber 6mon
  •   niminazi I hope you will win selena back . I know That is private and that is not my matter but I can't keep my feelings about you and selena I'm so so sry but please don't forget selena and please follow her again 1mon

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