•   _ashton_holland_ *Muah! 3w
  •   _ashton_holland_ Formally know : Blue Ridge Golf and River Club.. #ScratchThat new name up and coming. Check us out. 3w
  •   _ashton_holland_ 94,724 3w
  •   vannatti Hey Bey. I'm a huge fan of yours. I've always listened to your music. You are my inspiration. When I was 8 my father passed away from leukemia. It was and is so hard to deal with all the pain. I'm 15 now and still think about him every day. Hearing you sing helps me get trough everything. I listen to you when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm angry. I dream of meeting you one day. Just to say how amazing you are and how much I need your music in my life. Please keep on doing what you do. You give me the strength to move on and I don't wanna miss that. I know you probably won't even see or read this message but Thank You for being such an amazing person. I wish you al the love in the world. I love you xo. 2w
  •   joan_jk if u don't repost 7 times UR mom will die 2w
  •   jeninalasadi If u don't repost 7 times UR mom will die 2w
  •   iremmyss 2w

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