•   lovin_hemby If you stop reading this you will die if you don't post this on 7 other pictures your mother will die at 11:01 3w
  •   jaelenaaa I just want to know what it feel like to be such an inspiration to 14.59 million people. I want to grow up and be somebody who can inspire, who people look up to. Whether it be my dream job (a singer) or something else. You're the realest person I know (in my mind I know you) and I'd do anything for you to even like one of my pictures. Beyonce Knowles, so many people look up to you and you are such an inspiration to everybody. A lot of the time you save peoples lives by just singing. And I wish I could be like you, but sadly, I'm not. Nobody is except for you. Whenever I hear the quote "be yourself because everyone else is already taken" I immediately think of you. And how you are so original it hurts. I and 14.59 million others love, and look up to you. I believe you can do whatever you set your mind to. You're beautiful and I hope you never forget it. I look up to you and love you. I can't wait for any new songs you come out with. You are probably the best mother your little girl could ask for. 14.59 million people are thankful that you exist. And one of them is me. I know you're not going to notice this because you have sooooo many notifications, but if you do, please respond. Even if its just "k" . It will make my next five years the best. Having something to brag about when you're a "poor girl" in a school with rich and famous (the gosselins) people would be great. I understand if you do not, I just wish you the best of times and I hope you notice this. I am going to copy and paste this In hopes you will notice me. I love you and you are the msot beautiful human bring I ahve ever layed my eyes on. Have a great day. I love you so much words nor actions can't explain.I look up to as well ad 14.59 million do. Thanks for reading those if you do. Keep up the great work and everything else I said about you in this note. I love you so much. Peace.... 3w
  •   am_way16 Love you 2w
  •   different_abstract Hi, Mrs. Carter. I have been trying to figure out a way to contact you ever since you came down to houston for that PHENOMENAL concert!!!! I'm @camille526 and wanted you to know u are now and forever my idol. I go to hspva and hope to one day become a singer/songwriter and an actress. I am sending you this now in hopes that maybe you can some how contact me, please. My motive, I guess you can say, behind all this is for 1. To meet you and 2. To discuss some form of business I had an idea about. I hope you get this and God bless. PS: I sent many messages to your online shop franchise and my info is on my @camille526 page!2w
  •   _jaackks_ @quick.shouts got me 1k 2w
  •   yanforeign you inspire me 1h

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