statementlooks Can't seem to stay away from the #bold lip. I love #fall <3 3y
  •   jackangel17 @statementlooks you are gorgeous! And love your eyebrows! Any tips? Wish mine could look like yours. :) 3y
  •   statementlooks @jackangel17 thank you! So are you!! Your lips, id kill for! My eyebrows are so sparse and thin, they're mostly makeup. But I suggest getting an eyebrow pencil (ash blonde) and fill them in as your desired shape (not filling in the very front of the brow, keeps a more natural look) then with a darker shade of your matching brow color fill in on top of the previous shade, blending the color with an angled brush :) 3y
  •   jackangel17 @statementlooks thank you so so much! I will definitely try all these tips..great info!! I really appreciate it!! And thank you for the compliment, too. :) xo! 3y
  •   statementlooks @jackangel17 awesome! Glad I could help! :) 3y
  •   juliasophia11 Verryy pretty! 3y
  •   statementlooks @juliagulia91687 thank you, doll! 3y
  •   ziuryerrt You are so pretty!!!! 2y
  •   statementlooks @ziuryerrt aw why thank you, sweets!! You are just lovely yourself! <3 2y

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