justinbieber What song is next 2y
  •   swagmoneyyonce DADDY 2w
  •   haleyreneerodriguez I wish I'd met you some day in life before I get old and die. @justinbieber 2w
  •   amandayktpaza Justin Drew Bieber I admire a lot, always loved you and never stop doing it. I'm a Belieber from six beautiful years and I swear I will never stop support you, even thousands and thousands of miles away ... you changed your appearance, but I know that will never change your heart and never shalt thou be the perfect man you are now, and you were in the past); Give anything to be with you one minute); You're the best idol that has existed hope you read this message and realize your Beliebers are always supporting you, despite the distance Chile Would you come again and to see you and hear); Everybody tells me that it is impossible that someday you know, but I still believe, I love you Justin @justinbieber SWAG, SWAG,SWAG ON YOU 1w
  •   wiktoriabieber09 I loveee youu 2d
  •   mvicky.p You're so fucking perfect 1d
  •   mikitamorena Why why why 5h

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