•   lovelyhitto Happy birthday thanks for inspiring me since I was like 12 lol you are a phenomenal woman who does. Not. Stop. I admire you for your role in being another well known voice for women all around the world! Trueeee feminist and I love ya! ^-^ God Bless! Muwah! <3 3w
  •   aiden.wright Happy Birthday hope you had a great day!!!!!! 3w
  •   jeyqueen_ Love you♡ 2w
  •   emani_marieee Hey bey ♡ I am a huge fan and have always listened to all your songs since I was a baby I always wanted to meet you ! Thats on my bucket list but I bet it will never happen :( I love you ! I wish u would notice me and reply ♡ 2w
  •   lizamaria94 God bless you Bey <3 5d
  •   brittanilhall Post this 7 times or your mom will die 5d
  •   marcellealmeida I love you 4d
  •   christinacairo I love you 8h

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