•   sdtedeschi I'm so depressed. WTF is wrong with our country. #ripamerica #stupidliberals #endoftheworld 2y
  •   melissa_alonso Seriously. I don't get how the majority of Americans know that Romney would have done a better job fixing our economy, which is our most pressing issue, yet they reelected the same moron who has racked up the largest debt in the history of this country, and wants to turn us into a socialist country, full of citizens who rely on government instead of working hard and making their own money, and taking away from the people who actually are, bankrupting everyone so everyone is "equal". I'm all for equality, but being equally POOR and BANKRUPT is not something anyone should want or vote for. So #sad. @sdtedeschi 2y
  •   adkgirl Well said... 2y
  •   someinfinates @melissa_alonso nicely put 2y

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