•   carol_fernandes99 I love you ♡ 2w
  •   elmeck Thanks for teaching girls about themselves you are such an inspiration. Thanks for being you yonce! #beygood 2w
  •   different_abstract Hi, Mrs. Carter. I have been trying to figure out a way to contact you ever since you came down to houston for that PHENOMENAL concert!!!! I'm @camille526 and wanted you to know u are now and forever my idol. I go to hspva and hope to one day become a singer/songwriter and an actress. I am sending you this now in hopes that maybe you can some how contact me, please. My motive, I guess you can say, behind all this is for 1. To meet you and 2. To discuss some form of business I had an idea about. I hope you get this and God bless. PS: I sent many messages to your online shop franchise and my info is on my @camille526 page! 2w
  •   love_varona Lol I adore Gangster Bey 2w
  •   tami6.tk Beatiful 2w
  •   blaanca_fg Perfect 1w
  •   skins98skins98 LBJ 7h

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