tasiasword This isn't for my IG family but for ALL the media: so media takeout stated I had a nose job but once again the lies keep coming. This time I brushed it off but wanted to say I am a TRUE black women with great featured thanks to my mother & dad. I am on a serious wellness plan & everything is steadily changing!! So don't stroke ME & THEN in same sentence you attempt to tear ME down. So that there is no confusion, follow me on my instagram etc. 3y
  •   detroitfynest Gul i thought u was fantasia foreal!!!!!!......gwaf 3y
  •   deepdimples29 Oh you told them..... @tasiasword oh yea to all dem haters talking bout she illiterate, and Wat not Well she just GAVE it to yall up down left to Right, and didnr misspell a thing!!! I FREAKING LOVE YOU FANTASIA!!! 3y
  •   barbergibb That's free advertisement Baby!!..... Let em talk!! I get the same hate in the hair industry!! Get that free burn!! 3y
  •   stayreadyontop U are awesome fa sum omg 3y
  •   brandongotstyle Get em tasia!!!! I love this chick 3y
  •   mcclainjz Well Said!! Now Boom!!! 3y
  •   blackgal39 POW Put tht n ur Pipe & Smoke it!!! Love it 3y
  •   cynthiasoclassy I have the same shirt don't really like it on myself but its really cute on you !!! 3y

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