•   kierstin_davis He sucks 2y
  •   kimberly_threehautemamas Blah! :-P 2y
  •   freska102011 Ah America where people can regurgutate nonsense because they are too lazy to research themselves or simply too susceptible to suggestion. For those who think obama was responsible for the current debt....please do yourselves a favor and look up what the cbo said the debt would be by 2012 before obama ever submitted a budget or was sworn in. I will take it easy on you since most people don't seem to realize the congressional budget office keeps their reports online and in simple math. 2y
  •   kcrunnergirl Translation- bush's fault. It was a diatribe against party politics but hop on your not helping your cause 2y
  •   freska102011 If i thought it was bush's fault i'd have said so. Unlike many i know how little the president was at fault...except maybe in negligence and trusting in the wrong people...he was much to like many Americans, willing to believe what they are told rather then asking questions, paying attention, and investigating the answered for themselves. People like that are Luke the kids who skip to the answers section in the textbook...only the bully changed rhetorically page numbers. You can shout the answer given all day long, but it doesn't make it right. 2y
  •   freska102011 *answers,*like, *the...stupid fat fingers. 2y
  •   freska102011 Other then when my phone substitutes my words, i am an extremely literal person, i don't need translation. So i meant it. Take a look at the cbo prediction based on the numbers going out before obama was elected. Could he have come in under that? Sure, but what should he have cut? There wasn't anything he could, there was nothing left, and even leaving wars costs money. So go read it, then tell me what you think would have been better. francheska cox on fb...you can message me if you want to continue this in a more appropriate venue...since we have hijacked this one. 2y
  •   eyemichelle Obama won, the rich will still be rich and I will still have domain over my womb - awesome! 2y

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