yasminelizabeth Current situation: Voting! There's still enough time to cast your vote. It's your right. 3y
  •   cafeaulei Really, I apparently live in the worst polling district because I was in a dark garage, while everyone else seems to be in bright, light filled spaces! I hope I wasn't in a binder!!! 3y
  •   poeticwordvomit N'awwww!!! 3y
  •   ivanvega Played like a pro. 3y
  •   wildcreatures 'Merica! awesome pic 3y
  •   redblueox Awesome 3y
  •   random_parrott MERICA 3y
  •   maheimerman I can't believe it was four years ago when we were celebrating America and the election in London!! Miss you x 3y
  •   whatstheretosay Perfection 3y

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