•   grace_lampugnale to leave now 2d
  •   grace_lampugnale bye 2d
  •   _princesspai I love u sooooooo much u are my inspiration ever since I can remember I have been listening to ur music I love u and everything about u only if u would or could read this and reply I would literally pass out I am literally crying right now I won't to go to one of your concerts but my parents won't let me and I have been touched by everything u have done it has really touches my heart u are a huge impact on me worhout u Michael jackson, and drake I don't kno who I would be i really really love u and I want to grow up to be just like u 17h
  •   tyjai.fierce Her first picture on instagram @alexacatterall 15h
  •   omniipotence #Obama is he really making a difference ? @beyonce #NoDisrespect 14h
  •   jonattassrocha Flawless*** Diva Queen 6h
  •   yoncemusic HD videos of Beyoncé 6h
  •   lil_derrion1223 I love u such @mrsswagg and @beyonce 1h

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