catgee87 #voted for the first time ever! wish I got a cool sticker though #vote#ballot#president#mericuh#americafuckyea#makeitcount#makingadifference#ihope 2y
  •   xxtina22 It's punishable by law to post your ballot on social media, your vote will not count @catherineivette87 2y
  •   nyroamer @ctinamarie22 no. It's blank . She's not revealing anything 2y
  •   catgee87 @ctinamarie22 notice it's not filled out. why would they punish me for taking a picture of a piece of paper that's published everywhere and doesn't indicate anything?....@spurrinhigh they didn't have any 2y
  •   deepanddirty Aww. That sucks :( @catherineivette87 2y
  •   xxtina22 Just a friendly tip, happened to a friend of mine 2y
  •   kimbrookee YOUR vote will count lol 2y
  •   kandice_simonee Ur vote can not and will not b voided.. The last thing ppl r worried about is Instagram.. Plus none of ur personal info is in ur pic.. This rumor is getn on my last nerve!! stand ur ground.. Thanx for encouraging ppl to vote. I did the same. 2y
  •   catgee87 @kandice_simonee thanks gurl 2y

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