•   dooz443 The old CBS building! 3y
  •   jaclynswartz @dooz443 you're so old school. That's before I graced you with my presence. 3y
  •   isabellas_mommy87 Is it already open!? This is my first year living in New York City and this is on our to do list before our next duty station. (Army) 3y
  •   jaclynswartz @nikiocasio87 they just finished building it! Didn't see any skaters today so not sure it's open yet. 3y
  •   isabellas_mommy87 Ohh boo! Okay, ah I cannot wait til the holidays! Best time of the year. 3y
  •   citipond We open on Thursday, November 8th at noon! 3y
  •   jaclynswartz Thanks @citipond :) 3y

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