•   lukeclubb This brings back so many mixed emotions@ladygaga 1y
  •   warstoryz Looks like Yonkers 1y
  •   gabspimenta1 sdds 1y
  •   gagaqueengaga Queen 12mon
  •   giox__ I just want to say thank you so much for everything. I saw you for the first time in Las Vegas today two years ago for the Born This Way Ball and it was the most amazing experience. 10mon
  •   god_monsters Btwb >>>> 7mon
  •   rodrigoliver_ This tour was everything to me I miss you 5mon
  •   rodrigoliver_ I was on stage with you, BTWBall in Sao Paulo will never be forget...best day of my life! I gave you a necklace "When you are lonely, I'll be lonely too" and you cried... I'll love you forever, thank you for everything 3mon

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