•   valerioangie Como a cambiado :(( 2w
  •   karinedefrance Beautiful ! 2w
  •   evaespinosa000 People always say justin is a bad guy. And I always say no he's not you may think that but inside he is a kind hearted guy he cares for everyone. What just makes me sad is that I know your probably not gonna see this. But what I wanted to say is that ever since you started singing with your song "first time" I was a fan and I'm still a fan. When you first started singing you were all around my room. And I just want to also say that no matter what happens or what people say I will always be your fan and I will always love you 2w
  •   caroline_luv499 Ahem - yeah it's " one time " . I can see you're a " fan " @evaespinosa000 2w
  •   jessica.bartoli you're so perfect i love you 1w
  •   nataschaa11 1w
  •   juliannaelardo His jaw bye @brookeelardo 3d

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