white_lightning we escaped to my parents' place in queens: cable, beer, light and a sofabed 😎 3y
  •   shabbydahl Is Chicken there? Is Oskie too? You're parents are lovely! 3y
  •   melibbey I hop you guys weren't too effected by the storm 3y
  •   melibbey Hope* 3y
  •   lallimusic And I have a feeling someone will get up early and make you breakfast #notpreston #momsrule 3y
  •   thegavin2000 Shouldn't a TV Repairman's TV be mounted on the wall? 3y
  •   white_lightning @thegavin2000 it is! thats the cable box below it. its also the size of a small movie screen 3y
  •   thegavin2000 Ok ok get me to the Greek! 3y
  •   brodielancaster I would like to submit a request 4 pics of Oskie exploring his Greek heritage in Astoria plz 3y

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