samhorine receding waters from #sandy 2y
  •   lollipop_456 @sgoralnick wut eva I know I don't want 2 c the damage it makes me cry 2y
  •   lollipop_456 @mickeysouth if u say so 2y
  •   lollipop_456 WOULD U JUST STOP COMMENTING TO WHAT I SAID?!?!?!?! 2y
  •   samhorine @4eversugar why leave comments if you don't want to engage in conversation? It's very much a 2 way street... 2y
  •   lollipop_456 Look dude just leave me alone ok I stopped followin u 4 a reason @samhorine 2y
  •   lollipop_456 2y
  •   samhorine @4eversugar sorry to hear that you stopped following me. Stay cool bro. 2y
  •   maisiegirl The documentation of what occurred all over the Eastern seaboard is important. Many folks are homeless and have nowhere to go, some still do not have power or food and with a Northeaster on the way as temperatures drop, the devastation Sandy left must continue to be a headline story. Folks need help now. They must not be forgotten. 2y

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