•   samhorine @walkerlariviere you should ask someone who actually does that. Also you have almost no original work on your account... 2y
  •   samhorine @walkerlariviere truth hurts, you should work on stepping up your originality game and post compelling personal work instead of tired tumblr memes. 2y
  •   samhorine @marsneedsguitars indeed an excelent #pierrot 2y
  •   nicolascook You go girl! 2y
  •   arrestedmotion @samhorine wow... Can't really believe the nerve of that guy @walkerlariviere. He asked for you a favor to look at his acct to get some your time & honest feedback. You give it to him honestly and he doesn't like what he heard and lashed out in a juvenile way. Sad... Maybe he should've asked: "I don't know you, but hey can you give me a fake review/endorsement!? Oh, and only if you tell me what I want to hear or else I'll curse you out for following my initial request!" Like Samuel L. Jackson said: "if my answers scare you, cease soliciting/panhandling/begging/asking scary questions". It's just a bad look dude... Very poor form & reeks of desperation. 2y
  •   samhorine @arrestedmotion whoops totally missed this - thanks man! 2y
  •   patriceratops 😶 2y

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