taylorswift This is the stuff that comes with the cd if you get Red at Wal Mart. (Everything except the pumpkin bread I just made.) 2y
  •   _heyyy_lyssa Until one day about a month ago I was looking through some music and I came across the song +tied together with a smile) and I was me.....I just fell to the ground crying because I felt like someone understands me for the first time because I didn't tell anyone about what had Bern going on just my two very close friends and I prayed for a sign to know if I even belonged here and that was it! 6d
  •   _heyyy_lyssa I know am not that way I still have problems here and there but you have inspired me to not kill myself I loved how you just SHAKE IT OFF all the haters and other people in this world and HECK you re one of the biggest country pop stars in the world!!! And YOU YOU TAYLOR SWIFT are the reason I'm still alive today! Because of that song I want to fulfill my dream of becoming an actor and a country singer and auditioned for a show choir 6d
  •   _heyyy_lyssa I have been singing since I was like 2 but now Im really going to.go for it! I'm not telling you this just to get noticed tell you this to know how special you really are to me and to everyone on this earth you are an inspiration and I hope to actually get to meet you someday thank you so much for all you to love your biggest and number one fan Alyssa Caldwell age 6d
  •   fangirl.sass Man. I wanted some pumpkins bread. 5d
  •   neonpinkswift13 But I wanted that pumpkin bread :( 4d
  •   swiftienite_ I love you Taylor you're so cute 3d
  •   ed_cortes Hahaha I love you, baby 3d
  •   taylorqueenof13 I have it. :) 16h

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