taylorswift This is the stuff that comes with the cd if you get Red at Wal Mart. (Everything except the pumpkin bread I just made.) 2y
  •   13.swiftie Two years today. #tb ahhhhhh 4w
  •   s.tarlight FLASHBACK. 4w
  •   marinela.zilic Taylor please follow her. I adore you. sing your songs even in his sleep. and dreamers. even her you and respirators phone. driving me crazy waiting for you to follow. @monikadovoda 3w
  •   swiftsimply FLASHBACK 2w
  •   itsmarishelle Yeees I have the Zinepak and the regular cd. 2w
  •   rereinne Time goes so fast 1w
  •   iknewyouwerebecky @mary.poppinss that's her right hand 1w
  •   isabelluhhminion Hi taylor! We had our graduation pictorial yesterday and my costume for my creative shot is a WANEGBT-inspired one. Hope you would find time to check my instagram account :). Thank you for inspiring a lot of people, including me, of course . I love you so much Tay!! @taylorswift 2d

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