•   delanie.malatak @kassemsheehan sorryI care about him 3mon
  •   only.selena Die in your arms 3mon
  •   only.selena One of my favorite song 3mon
  •   valentinateran Die in your arms 2mon
  •   cameralyfe @lillybove if i could just die in your NONTATTOOD arms (((: 2mon
  •   ca_hallie I miss this so much love you more than words can describe... You're a gifted star and will always be... When I get older I'll tell my kids about you and how you're a legend and an impact on my life... Love you since YouTube videos (u got it bad) well I hope you read this and take this in and realize you are a good person and always will be... Hope to one day meet you 1mon
  •   monique_biebs__ *-* 3w
  •   michela_ferraro_ Die in your arms 3d

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