•   ohjeez4meez Yeah man hear you, I'm here in so-cal and all the bubble hash and full melts are chemical bathed, and I see your pictures I'm like damn that's the stuff I wanna medicate on, none of my friends seem to care why they smoke, but I think why intake a harmful chemical if you know ur damaging your self, I live for organic grow and col water extraction, when i saw your feed I was in aw by the quality of your medicine, i wish more people could experience the amazing stuff you make, stay up bc bubble an maybe one day our paths will meat, 3y
  •   aaronrobot looks like gummy bears 3y
  •   mrcookie420 Sweet @bcbubbleman hay if your down around I'm working the shop sat and sun come on down 3y
  •   dabs_anonymous This is the best looking stuff I've ever seen and I make a bunch of wax! @bcbubbleman how can I get a hold of these bags? 3y
  •   bcbubbleman You can order em up from Freshheadies.com use code INSTAGRAM for a discount or call 1866melting and they will process your order over the phone 3y

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