ecava Oh my gosh. This is a thing?! Women/gay men -- do you feel like you need this? Their PR person is my friend and he wants to know. #sex #tasty 3y
  •   crafttestdummy What? Really? Sounds like a novelty item or a bridal shower gag gift. Pardon the pun! 3y
  •   ecava @crafttestdummies Nice play on words. I don't think there's a need for this but I also am not their target market (ahem) so I can't really say. 3y
  •   robicellis Is it a gel? Some sort of filter? I really need some answers about this. 3y
  •   ecava @robicellis it's like a listerine breath strip, but the taste is a lot stronger. 3y
  •   editjosh @ecava so I'm supposed to eat this to make my own climax taste like watermelon? Is it chemicals? What's it gonna do to my liver before it gets to my pecker? 3y
  •   ecava @editjosh No. The girl puts it on her tongue like a breath strip. 3y
  •   editjosh @ecava well I'm definitely not the target audience there (pun unintended), but I'm still curious what the chemicals will do to her body now 3y

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