jbannon After driving all day/evening, we hit a patch of black ice in the mountains of Oregon. We were forced to turn into a highway divider at 40mph in order to avoid sliding under a slew of 18 wheelers. The van spun 180 degrees after impact, and we were left facing the wrong direction on the highway. We spent a few hours prying our bumper off our front wheels. Thankfully, we are rolling again. Bands, be safe put there. Never take anything for granted. 2y
  •   rgates139 Thank the fuck! 2y
  •   dontsleepink Rad, glad you guys are OK... See you tonight! 2y
  •   hunchbacktravis Glad to hear you guys are ok! 2y
  •   iamnotdave666 Glad you dudes are safe. Stoked for the Seattle show tonight! 2y
  •   bj_scu Be safe fuckers! 2y
  •   apheidown *relief 2y
  •   dukkhagram I used to drive an 18 wheeler and one of my biggest fears was always off something like this happening. Glad to hear everyone is safe and sound. Now, commence the rage. 2y
  •   osaintnickdai Shew, glad it didn't get bad. Thx for stopping by Ohio, it's always great seeing u guys 2y

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