•   dopemitrios For the win. Like a boss. 2y
  •   moneybaggz503 I looks super fire! @tyty_bur I'm bout to make some with my next round. Any tips on how to up the yield? @bcbubbleman was only getting 14g off hp of good trim before I switched to butane.... 2y
  •   manuelnfinite @datbastardchuck of course not, he uses Bee Line. Peep it out on his website sometime 2y
  •   josh_souki That looks crazy @bcbubbleman 2y
  •   bcbubbleman Well the bags don't produce more than what's there. They can merely extract what is there. If you want more your gotta raise the bar on your growing skills. @moneybaggz503 water extraction is all about getting the best of what's there and isolating it. So of course it's gonna be less compared to an oil that is every grade of head mixed into one mash 2y
  •   moneybaggz503 Cool thanks. Most of the time I can't be picky on what I run. A lot of what i use to make hash is donated for use in medibles for ommp card holders. 2y
  •   codisious @galipips omg it has a scheen 2y
  •   spaceboundanddown Need some of that right now 1y

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