•   _sparkes8o_ Hey @bcbubbleman I discussed buying some bubble bags with you about a week ago! I want to go ahead and buy the four bag 5 gallon! You mention a insta discount! My email is crazycool2008@live.co.uk, could u email me so I could order! 2y
  •   jaketrevizo @adameatweed it's alllllll water extracted with bubble bags 2y
  •   bcbubbleman Email manager@bubblebag.com and she will sort you out. However I would SERIOUSLY consider an 8 bag kit the difference is HUGE 2y
  •   _sparkes8o_ Thanks for reply @bcbubbleman will go for the 4 bag kit first due to lack of funds but I will be adding the other bags ASAP! Will email now 2y
  •   bcbubbleman Sounds good @sparkes80 let me know how it foes 2y
  •   bcbubbleman Goes 2y
  •   _sparkes8o_ Orderd today @bcbubbleman looking foward to reviving my bubblebags in the post soon I will do a batch and post ASAP! Can't wait 2y

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