taylorswift Tomorrow we start to..... 2y
  •   lauren__cowie Long live red 1w
  •   aisha_mp3 Cute 1w
  •   stephanniee_xx Yes 1w
  •   ttaylorsswift22 Yh 1w
  •   spiritedwolf03 Wow I love that 1w
  •   spiritedwolf03 .... and u:-) 1w
  •   bootsy123xoxo Soooooo talented 4d
  •   memoriestohold Taylor, thank you. I love you so much and I really appreciate your music and what you do. I go wild with song I write them all the time accompanied by my guitar piano and mandolin, but there are things holding me back. There are boundaries an limits to what I can do in my room and I want to make music in Nashville. I have wanted to all my life. I don't have stage fright and I love singing and using harmony. I want to open for people in shows to get the feel of performing my music. All this to say I love you and appreciate your music a lot. And if you know anything about where I could start. That would mean the world to me, because you are such an inspiration to me. 3d

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