clubalex Dang. Time to invest in a fancy cigarette case. This plain packaging is BLEAK. No branding even on the cigarette itself. Ha! 2y
  •   clubalex Oh yes, plz do! What are singa's restrictions? Now they're def on some police state shit. I don't think I could ever live there for that reason, even tho it's a nice place. There's such a thing as 'too safe'. 2y
  •   lo_rez Just pretend this is some lost/dharma initiative type shit and you're getting airdropped these plain cigarettes 2y
  •   clubalex @lo_rez yeah it's like the numbers are file names, getting airdropped straight to my lungs. 2y
  •   roladee @cc_mayoress you have to buy a carton from the departing country and stash them good in your suitcase.. they won't even let you buy any cigarettes from duty free overseas once they see the Aussie passport. it's pretty fucked 2y
  •   __nina___ Fluro pink or white ductape around that stupid picture and you got yourself a minimalist designer deck! 2y
  •   80k_ Dang. Time to quit smoking? 2y
  •   80k_ SORRYYYY. Jokes how annoying are people that tell you to quit smoking? 2y
  •   clubalex @80k aka Paul's mum! 2y

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