40ounces New piece. Trying to decide if its done or should I add more detail?? @burtous_ 2y
  •   sea_beard_ Because Halloween? 2y
  •   40ounces @sullivonski huh? Its a big brown paper bag monster pouring forties on New Orleans 2y
  •   shredbert Is that on paper or still on the dry erase? @40ounces 2y
  •   sea_beard_ Of course, I understand the scope of the subject. I was just wondering if you were drawing inspiration from the time of year. With Halloween right around the corner @40ounces 2y
  •   40ounces @burtous_ its canvas. @sullivonski oh ok. Nah me and my friend drew this on a whiteboard about a month ago and I finally put it on canvas. 2y
  •   sea_beard_ Word, I dig it. @40ounces 2y
  •   shredbert Leave it like that. Maybe color the back ground like checkers so it won't look plain and the whole thing will stand out nice. @40ounces 2y

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