taylorswift Gearing up. 2y
  •   slimzhao @tamiawatchmaker Yeah,I know money is everything. 1mon
  •   tamiawatchmaker at this point in life yeah.. I agree @slimzhao 1mon
  •   b_e_c_k_y___ Going on plane tomoz so scared :/ 1mon
  •   universal.paradise @slimzhao You can take photo's on a plane, but you haven't gone on one so, you don't know. 1mon
  •   tessmulv_13 I'm a swiftie can mean so many words so I'm a swiftie 1mon
  •   jaimiegrainger_ taylor, I want you to know how amazing and talented you are, I'm not gonna write a huge long paragraph because let's be honest, no one has time for that;) your song shake it off has changed me, and my way of thinking and my movements I make towards people! (in a good way!) I've been walking around the house thinking about your song, singing your song, and humming your song, and everyone is commenting on how much happier I am. I am one person, only one swiftie, if this has made me feel happy, I'm sure it's made many other swifties happy too! and that is one of the most amazing things you can ever do in life, not compliment someone's looks, or buy something for someone, but to make someone happy by doing the thing you love, thats just, amazing. I know I said I wouldn't break out into a big long paragraph but, I couldn't hold back. I love you and keep writing and singing because you are wonderful! 4w
  •   vancouversswift @taylorswift This picture reminds me of @lordemusic 's song Tennis Court. I'll see the veins of my city like they do in space. 3w
  •   theothersideofthedoor Please work with echosmith!! 2w

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