taylorswift Gearing up. 2y
  •   miakeene9 Come to Kentucky 2w
  •   _c_lamothe_ Plz com to MCKINNEY TEXAS 2w
  •   sarahscales5 Hmmmm looks familiar 6d
  •   crizeldavid Hi morning if you stop reading this you will die tonight my name is Ryan and I'm 12 years old and I'm already dead I had no friends if you don't post this on 20 posts by 11:59 pm don't believe me a guy named jake laughed later I took knight our of his kitchen. And stabbed him to death and you? A girl named Sandra posted 10 silly girl later she saw me and ran into her grandmothers house and asked to go to the restroom but guess what? I was already there He is in a coma a smart boy posted this the next day his girlfriend said yes to his marriage. 0=Death 10=Coma 20= Something good happens to you 5d
  •   stopdropandswift Two days until 1989!!! What?!?!? 10h
  •   jessicametzler @lillyboohbooh I'm emo af 4h

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