_krisaquino Sunday healthy merienda 2y
  •   spider_jayar Wow, thats a very healthy merienda 2y
  •   blossom14_is WOW WOW WOW 2y
  •   connieespiritu Wow nice i like it 2y
  •   jockies34 yummy! 2y
  •   haurapuson Yasalam??? 2y
  •   itsmeglory19 I'm so proud sau talaga your so kind and generous. I watch in kris tv this am about the 12 houses you gave in gawad kalinga. Pagpalain kang lalo ni lord. 2y
  •   k_angels37 Sarap 2y
  •   netkie1988 Kaya maganda ang skin ni Krissy..yan ang kanyang sikreto.. 2y

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