•   paranoyak @amenayounes thank you, no I live in Turkey, that was just a visit to Russia 3y
  •   ptvamena @paranoyak ah okey! yea Turkey is beautiful! id love to visit it someday :) 3y
  •   paranoyak @amenayounes if you have time you should I suggest you, you are right it is really lovely 3y
  •   ckanani Wow thanks for all the likes! 3y
  •   paranoyak @ckanani you are welcome:) 3y
  •   alena_chu Sorry, let me correct you, that's not the Kremlin it's a St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin is a whole red-stone tower complex 2mon
  •   paranoyak @alena_chu himm I will take this in my mind thank you for informing me:) 2mon
  •   alena_chu @paranoyak u are welcome! ;) 2mon

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