modestpomp Like a pair of bad 90's patchwork building form. 3y
  •   10bagspacking I took a pic of that place, too! I <3 E. Fifth Ave.--and the business name makes me laugh. 3y
  •   modestpomp @10bagspacking I'd go back through your feed but there are too many amazing signs...I'd explode. 3y
  •   10bagspacking It was a couple of months ago--I drove all the way to the eastern end of Fifth Ave from 71, something I'd never done before. That stretch has incredible signs, and the original Port Columbus, which I'd never known about. If you haven't seen it, you've gotta check it out. 3y
  •   modestpomp @10bagspacking crazy! From the looks of the map, I drive past it every day. 3y

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