taylorswift THREE DAYS TIL #RED!!!!! 3y
  •   soniaaa_c ALL THE FEELS BABE 2mon
  •   kailynamonette lowkey still stalking 2mon
  •   speaknowswiftie1989 And I thought my cookies were cool 1mon
  •   kristen.edison.11 Awhhhh 1mon
  •   em_anne_smith Red came out during the hardest breakup I've ever gone through, and it was honestly my therapy throughout the entire process. You have a gift, Taylor, and it is a privilege to be one of millions with which you share your gift. Thank you. Anndddd my cats would probs be BFFs with your cats 1mon
  •   piggyyanie RED <3 4w
  •   lily_pad05 I went to that tour 4w
  •   _.swifty13._ This is bringing back all of the feels. 2w

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