taylorswift THREE DAYS TIL #RED!!!!! 2y
  •   marymulvey 2 days until 1989!!! 6d
  •   styleswifts WOW MEMORIES 2 dats until 1989 !! 6d
  •   idreamofjanos One day till 1989 5d
  •   ariaswift13 1989 5d
  •   graceellen__ Now 1989 is in 3 hours. Wow. 5d
  •   guadaganda I love you taylor. Recognize me please? 3d
  •   _heystevie PLEASE READ! Hey! I love you so so so much, you have been my idol sinc e I first heard one of your songs (Tim Mcgraw) which was waaay back, if you were never to be existed, I don't think I would be here anymore, you're a massive inspiration to me and I'm sure a massive inspiration to many others. I've always been different and I've never had much friends but you have always pulled me through these hard times. I am also a an aspiring musician who is trying to make it in this big world and hopefully I can be successful one day. My dream is to meet you one day but for now I just wanted to say Thank You. :) I really want you to reply to me, it will literally make my life ...Thank You Taylor Swift 17h
  •   lilygeiger7 Nice I love it 12h

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