taylorswift THREE DAYS TIL #RED!!!!! 2y
  •   madison91910 Rosesare #red violets are #blue I'm proud of Taylor #areyou ?️ Congratulations Taylor of the many achievements you have accomplished throughout your career. Congratulations once again for what you have accomplished. 3w
  •   jazzy_mia Can someone pls tell was red is??? 2w
  •   _ptv___ Warning- if you stop reading this, say goodbye to your life tonight. My name is Ryan. I'm actually dead. I have no friends. If you don't repost this to 20 other pictures, you will die at exactly 11:59.p.m. Don't believe me? A guy named jake, he read this. He laughed. Later that night, I took a knife, I stabbed him. You don't want to be like jake, do you? A girl named Sandra, she read this and ran straight to her Grandmother's bathroom. Now, she's in a coma. A smart boy reposted this 20 times. That day, he proposed to his girlfriend. She agreed. 0 times- death. 10 times- coma 20times- something good. Warning- don't read this, if you do, your parents will die after 5 more years. Break the curse by reposting on 5 more photos. If you stop reading this, you will die. I'm Theresa Fidalgo. If you don't post this on 20 other pictures, I will sleep next to you forever. I'm real. You can google me. 2w
  •   ayahahmedsaeed Time falls so fast 2w
  •   mylifewithcolours Happy birthday Taylor! 6d
  •   stephaniemartinez2014 @_ptv___ I did Google u. That's a lie. 5d
  •   stephaniemartinez2014 @_ptv___ I thought u were a fake. But nice try I was scared for a solid minute! Lol 5d

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