slumdog_mi11ionaire On the train to NYC. @spenceneedle is wearing his fav shirt. If you guys see him in NYC then plz slap him! 3y
  •   kp2177 tax hike threaten one million small businesses. I found this for you 3y
  •   kp2177 Obamas statement during debate " cutting funding to planned parenthood would hurt women who rely on them for mammograms." Check your facts mr president , planned parenthood does not provide that service. 3y
  •   kp2177 Read his own books, in his own words. Watch 2016. See who your really supporting. 3y
  •   swxggybarr_ Suck my dick @jryan26716 3y
  •   elsewear This whole comment section is why I don't vote...Unless it's a Sixers All-Star Ballot! At least the shirt design is pretty dope! 3y
  •   hairhero Ill b glad too 3y
  •   excusemontfrench Fuck outta here his nut ass just lost all respect!!! 3y
  •   wheres_my_pnoty He shoulda had me make him a shirt but I'm team Obama 3y

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