emily_rose_murray All tuckered out, after an all day visit with dad I swear I love him that little bit more when he's asleep @chris_nieves_portrait_artist 3y
  •   natalialligator Gotta adore the mini airmax! 3y
  •   jmaddentattoo It looked like he was anti gravity for a second idk haha 3y
  •   emily_rose_murray @1bite2xshy I know! He fell asleep in the car on the way back with his head nearly touching his toes!! 3y
  •   emily_rose_murray @vvxiii haha! You were there? Hope you enjoyed your day too :) 3y
  •   fitnezzpt Haha yes. In the grey dress a few people in front of you in that lonngggg line and they kept putting in front of us haha. I lived on snowcones to cool down but I did thank you :) 3y
  •   fitnezzpt People* 3y
  •   emily_rose_murray @vvxiii oh, that was the worst! Especially with a grumpy toddler! You probably heard my not so subtle annoyance haha 3y
  •   fitnezzpt You had every right to tho! Your little man is so adorable too by the way! :) 3y

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