inkedfingers Life is seasons. For the past 2 years I have embraced Instagram as the re-charger of my artistic energy-- indeed Instagram reminded me of my passion for photography I had lost while spending 60 hr weeks behind a screen editing photos for living. Yet even now, surrounded by so much ephemeral media as ever before, I am beginning to crave something more substantial. Not that IG isn't, only it's nice to have a new challenge! So for me, lately, this season now is 120 film and hanging out in the kitchen a lot more (homemade noodles!!) in between still hours of editing // What's your season? :) 3y
  •   slampants My season has become one of DIY crafts and woodworking! 3y
  •   snowqeen Побюююхх 3y
  •   snowqeen Х 3y
  •   eklasater Love it! 3y
  •   mistymawn So feeling much the same. 3y
  •   shakira4242 I feel the same - like IG has restored something in me - still not sure how to get there yet - but It has saved me ! 3y
  •   marissafjord 120 full frame prints are simply beyond compare :) I don't think you'll have any problem finding inspiration from medium format photography 3y

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