taylorswift SIX days til #RED. Six tiny little flowers. 2y
  •   dance_moms_favorite Pretty 3w
  •   julkaemeraldsparkle1 You are my idol 3w
  •   ekinatas4 My fourite color is purple and my favourite taylor swift you are my idol swift. I love you... 3w
  •   wowza_riley Cooooooool 2w
  •   theothersideofthedoor Beauties just like you. 2w
  •   _lahsartori_ :)) 6d
  •   ljpopsey This brings back so many memories for me when I was pregnant and with my ex boyfriend I was so excited for your album to come out, I was in a really bad realition ship and your music was totally keeping me going, every song I could and still can relate to certain situations, when his family used to make horrible comments to me because I loved your music so much-but it just made me play it more and 10 times louder! Well I escaped that one and have a beautiful daughter and you have another fan :) I love you Taylor and I can't wait for your next album to come out. Thank you for making me understand I am not the only one who feels the way I do/did about men and their painful ways. And thank you for helping me to carry on believing in love because love is the most incredible feeling in the world #survivor #stronger Ty.ts. X 2d

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