kristinrogers "Teaching Your child to read in 100 easy lessons" by Siegfried Engelmann It really works! 3y
  •   lovelifeanliveit oh wow I need to get that asap having a hard time teaching my five year old @kristinrogers 3y
  •   glitagrrl Another reason to be thankful that you have that freedom!! 3y
  •   crewat422 Awe! We have this too!! 3y
  •   smalltownpastor We used it with ours. 3y
  •   jennuary I love this book! We use it here, too. @glitagrrl That is maddening! I hope you find a way to teach your children, anyway. A move, perhaps? Possibly you have friends or family in another country who could order the books you want and ship them to you? 3y
  •   glitagrrl Thanks for the well wishes. @jennuary I actually live in Australia where it's legal but wanted to teach my sons to read and write in Portuguese... 3y
  •   jennuary @glitagrrl Ohh, gotcha. That stinks. But don't give up. You probably could make up some pages of your own on a computer. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. I would love for my children to be bilingual, but each has their own interest and I am having a very hard time keeping up with German and American Sign Language and Spanish all simultaneously! Especially when the only language I know fluently is English. 3y
  •   mistressblue Ever since you post the first picture of this afghan, it stole my heart. I have looked far and wide through books and the net to find a pattern even similar, with no luck. If, by any bit of fate you ever decide it needs a new home, I would love to give it that home!!! My husband would be grateful, I think I am driving him nuts, lol. 3y

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