theradavist Took this beaut out for a photo shoot today @geekhousebikes 3y
  •   no_ralphy Dope. 3y
  •   evanoforegon This should actually be labeled as part of your teaser series John...can't wait for the site update of the complete build 3y
  •   theradavist @sagebrown heading to NorCal for a week of riding on this thing. When racing, they'll come off. ;-) 3y
  •   cooolin Redandyellowrerandyellow 3y
  •   rideityo @hyde105 you going to tell @johnprolly how to take a photo ha wow. 3y
  •   theradavist @hyde105 traditional bicycle photography will always have bottles in the cages (if they're present) and the cranks in line with the chainstays. This shows toe clearance and trail. 6 o'clock cranks is something from the past 5 years or so and shows nothing of the bike's geometry. 3y

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