jaimelondonboy LIVE PHOTO @ 9.02pm: reindeer at @Selfridges' Christmas shop! :] #Christmas #Selfridges 3y
  •   sextons Nooo! Same conversation as last year @jaimelondonboy on Twitter it's to early!! #notcool #Selfridges 3y
  •   jaimelondonboy @sextons For London, it's definitely not too early! It opened in July last year! Lots of people love it. :] 3y
  •   sextons Haha fair enough I just think it takes the fun out of the build up of Christmas @jamielondonboy 3y
  •   jaimelondonboy @sextons Noooo! It makes it last a while. This is normal for London. Having Christmas in December would be way too short! :P 3y
  •   sextons @jaimelondonboy July is crazy! So when did u start your Christmas shopping?! 3y
  •   jaimelondonboy @sextons Oh I never start until very late. I'll do my shopping around 21st December when they will slash the prices! :] 3y
  •   jaimelondonboy @sextons And I agree July is crazy but October is fine! :] 3y
  •   sextons @jaimelondonboy 21st ouch cutting it fine! I have to admit I started last week which is the earliest yet but last year you did get great pictures of the snowglobes which I love 3y

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