jodie_eighteen25 Improvising till my dryer gets fixed. Going on week two. 3y
  •   favorite5 Yes @tiffunny4 , I remember that too! :) 3y
  •   leahdarrington We just fixed our dryer. It had been 3 wks. without one. So an hr. and $20 later we're back in business! Haha sun dried towels do smell yummy though! 3y
  •   kariholt Ugh. 3y
  •   jen_eighteen25 Ugh. Come use my dryer. :) I remember our towels used to practically stand up by themselves after they dried on the line. Haha. Smelled good but a little stiff. :) 3y
  •   nicoleherm You are progressive! Do you have a rock wall in the back? 3y
  •   michelle_usa Your backyard looks like Zion! 3y
  •   jodie_eighteen25 @nicoleherm this has been going on for years :) yes. It's a rock wall and waterfall. 3y

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