hipstaroll It's almost PreCap time, time to swap tips and tricks about this weeks combo.
But first, a reminder:: Multi Exposure shots should be tagged ONLY to the Multi specific weekly tag, #Hipstaroll_Week69_Multi, and not the regular weekly tag. Thank you kindly.

Ok, NOW it's PreCap time! So do tell… how are you getting on with the combo so far? Let's discuss the #Foxy + #US1776 combo, aka #Hipstaroll_Week69.

And to get us started, here is what this weeks Official Hipstaroll Correspondent, Gerry T. (@isnappx) has to say about the combo:

First of all, this combo is quite great. The combo itself produces soft blacks and whites which reminds me of old BW photo roll. I suggest to take shots with enough lights, not less and not too much. Black and white grainy film, mixed with nice and sharp Foxy blended with low contrast and low exposure with high grainy looks.

I experimented with this combo with "Half Flash" Laser Lemon Gel, the results is pretty awesome. Without flash, this combo is all low exposures and contrast, but with this flash, those effects are gone. I have not experimented with other flashes yet, but it may work well with PopRox. If you really like black and white feel on your Hipsta shots, you should consider to give this combo a try. I really do not recommended to take shots during night time.

Please direct general Hipstaroll questions to your adoring Hipstaroll leaders, @lucky_chucky or @punkrawkpurl.

Photo by Official Hipstaroll Correspondent, Gerry T.
  •   sgavenge The camera is loaded the lens is clean, I'm ready to shoot    2y
  •   uwa2000 @isnappx love your shot! 2y
  •   jasonking123456 Love this combo, specially with Cherry Shine flash. Haven't tried the Yellow Gel one yet. 2y
  •   redscat @jasonking123456 I like it with Cherry, too. In low light on blows it out and gives it a soft, vintagey, ghosty feel. Have you tried Cadet Blue? You might like that, too 2y
  •   devteros A nice combo. Foxy gives 1776 a bit more depth and contrast. That's fine. Still, it's grungy and not the master of details. Which is OK more often than not. :-) 2y
  •   sarahsilvy I'm having a hard time with this combo, which was totally unexpected!! 2y
  •   aerofan I find extremely bright light works pretty well too! Posted a picture of a campfire at night using this combo that doesn't suffer the low contrast problem 2y
  •   jar_np Looking through the gallery, I really like the shots where the graininess adds to the atmosphere—mist, fog, flare and dust. Also, that olde worlde feeling. Quite an emotive combo in the right situation. 2y

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