taylorswift This many days til #RED (EIGHT!!!!) 2y
  •   2_alyana_nana Pretty seashells 3d
  •   ningswifties Yeah, 8 days until 1989!!! 2d
  •   ningswifties Taylor I love you so much. I'm Thai swiftie and I know it's hard to meet you or get noticed by you. But I'll wait until the very last day. I love you and I will meet you someday and say I LOVE YOU to you by myself no matter what. 2d
  •   lifteddup 8 days til 1989 (!!!!!!) 2d
  •   lifteddup your feet tho! ADORABLE. 2d
  •   hunterhayesswift 8 DAYS TIL 1989!!!! 2d
  •   _13_swiftie 8 days until 1989 2d
  •   thetaylorinourswift *1989 ahahah 1d

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