srblane Happiness 2y
  •   srblane @unesecondevie yes! Come shopping up in suburbia!!! 2y
  •   srblane @mrsapplegate they do!! I had a really hard time just picking a few!! 2y
  •   srblane @lovenancylizeth I went back and forth on French Baguette for a few weeks before I finally bought it.. I'm burning it now and I'm so glad I bought it! 2y
  •   srblane @emmjctln they are from a shop called Bath and Body Works. I'm not sure where you're located but I believe you can only get them in the US! 2y
  •   lovenancylizeth @srblane I've heard great things about it!! I'm excited to smell it now! I'm curious as to what the hot buttered rum one smells like too! 2y
  •   misssammy_g90 @srblane I just bought the buttered rum one!!! 2y
  •   according2tori French Baguette! my fave! 2y
  •   olivialeigh1 Leaves is one of my favorites 2y

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