fatmumslim Glad to see I'm not the only one who can't spell zucchini. 3y
  •   taniamccartney @i_love_rainbows__ I'm not sure who started this apostrophe/plural thing on nouns ending in a vowel, but they really need to be held accountable. Have they stopped teaching grammar at school??? 3y
  •   taniamccartney @i_love_rainbows__ Maybe they've just restarted because it appears they've missed a generation! 3y
  •   artyanna I saw a sign on our drive today that said, "fruit for sale, 100 mitres"... And the sign "oringes" that followed... Fun times. 3y
  •   mardy_______bum We call them courgettes! @fatmumslim 3y
  •   kplatt Greengrocers can't spell anything !! Haha 3y
  •   paulahnat It's the erroneous apostrophe that hurts me the most! 3y
  •   jhocy Gee! We're getting robbed here with $10 per kg! 3y
  •   jhocy @dionnesaarikko Pretty much everything that's imported is sold at quadruple the price here 3y

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