maxbemis My wife made me an instagram. Is this the kind of cool crap people post on this thing? " fork with stain-2011" 4y
  •   tibsmonster I thought you were holding the fork to your chest and I said to myself "wow, he has a tiny nipple" I'm glad it was just a stain. You guys killed it last night in San Francisco btw. My ears are still ringing 11mon
  •   ksyphax I also thought it was a nipple @maxbemis 11mon
  •   lorettafashion @kennabee23 me too 10mon
  •   dr_wormhole The first woman who broke me loved is a real boy when we first dated, introduced me to it, and I was appropriately insecure and therefore intimated by your insight and writing abilities. Secretly loved the album but outwardly took my (then-)22 years of insecurity out on it in the name of "indie" purism. 10 years since I first heard the album and I have taken my share of lumps in the interim but I have been listening to IARB the past week on repeat. I don't know how you put it all down in the songs, but thank you. From one of the sneering hipsters of 2005, thank you for sharing that with the world. Mike Almquist always told me I would love it when I gave it a fair chance. I'm glad The time finally came. I believe there are more friends in the alley behind you every day. 🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🌞🌞🌞 6mon
  •   yuckfocouch @dr_wormhole that was beaut 5mon
  •   korbenmyman_ It looks like a nipple 5mon
  •   girlslikeboysclothing Lol 3mon

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