colormenae Happy birthday to my baby @_aaliahtanae !!! Omg , this girl right here have been there for me no matter what !!! She's been with me all my life , basically when I need somebody to talk to she's one call away she beautiful , she has a great spirit , she's humble , and she's like my big sister we have our little disagreements and be mad at each other for 5 minutes and we're cool the next minute I honestly don't know what to say right now , you're just so OLD man . I remember when you were 9 and now you're 18 these kids are really getting out the way ! But girll ... You know we gone really turn up tomorrow tho !! And If you really wanna know ... When we TURN UP , We TURN UP 😎 straight like that , no if, ands, or buts ... Real talk okay well I love you girll !! Enjoy your day baby 4y

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