emilyb_ & 2y
  •   daylanknight yeeeees mama!!! 2y
  •   lxrd_flossy4040 Fly woman . @emilyb_ 2y
  •   ___karamel_ @emilyb_ Are U nd Fab gettin Married Anytime SOON?? 2y
  •   prettyolenika Your my fav @emilyb_ I felt like we can relate to one another in regards to your situation only diff you guys are famous..... I understood where you was coming from I def rocks with you plus your a beautiful bold talented & intelligent women did I mention beautiful with a bold sense of style!!!! Never commented on a celebs page so your the first and last lol #Salute A Badd B#!+h 2y
  •   prettyolenika Show some Love back @emilyb_ 2y
  •   smallest38 Hi Emily u look great sexy lady xo 2y
  •   will_m3 @emilyb_ you chill with my cousin. lets meet and get married 2y
  •   kobe_evans Lol @man_dela this 1 favor her with @sh_a_ni infamous pose. 2y

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